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Its not only other people who can have prying eyes on your facebook account, but you also in certain cases might have to hack your facebook account (or recover the password instead) to test the security. We are in an age of internet revolution where every father and his child has prominent presence in social media. According to a survey children between 10 to 15 spend upto 5 hours a day accessing facebook and other social media websites.

And children are prone to falling for a lot of internet scams. So you might also at times need to hack into your children’s facebook account to make sure they are safe. Its necessary at times to make frequent checks to see if they are involved in an activity they should not be. There  are these other people who just out of curiosity or doubt of their boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on them try to hack into their partners account.

For any reason if you want to peek into the private fb area of someone, you need to learn how to hack the facebook account password.

Facebook has always been a major target of hackers all around the globe and they have been finding vulnerabilities and exploits that could gain them the access.  And as these tricks became public on the internet facebook took no time in patching them. There are still a few hacks that can get you to crack the password of a persons facebook account and i will show you how.

Method 1: The common friends method to recover the facebook password:

All you have to do is to have the access to the accounts and emails of three freinds of the victim on facebook. Then you have to initiate a facebook password reset using the forgot password link on the login page. It will then ask you for the email or the security questions. You have got to skip this step but clicking – “I don’t have access to these”.

You will be then taken to the options which you can use to hack or recover the password of facebook account in question.  You have to select the option that says choose three trustworthy friends to recover your lost account. Choose them and then a code should be messaged to those friends (who in this case are you) by email. You just have to input the code in the presented boxes and bam you can now change the password of the facebook account.

Method two: Identify friends photos to gain access:

This method is similar to the one explained above. The only difference is that you have to select the option that says identify friends in their photos to regain the access.

In this trick you should recognize most of the friends of the victim. Once you are presented with the photos of his/her friends you have to select one out of four options that are displayed. Don’t worry if you are not sure about some of the friends because faebook gives you two skips in this process. So you have a better chance to gain the access to the account.

After you have successfully verified photos of few friends you will be shown the link to reset the password as was done in method one. Congrats you have successfully hacked the facebook password of your friend.

Method 3: Sending a phishing email to get the password without resetting.


This is one of the most common methods used worldwide to get unauthorized access to people’s facebook or email accounts.

Disclaimer: Let me remind you phishing is not ethical nor is any other method explained above. These are only for educational purposes and i bear no responsibility if get into trouble using these.

Let get back to the method now.

Requirements: You have to have the email id of the victim account

Your have to start with creating a fake page that looks exactly similar to the facebook login page.  The page is setup to work like this.

When somebody enters his/her login details to the fake facebook login page those details are sent to you by email and the page gets redirected to the original facebook login page. Now the visitor thinks he might have entered the wrong password so he could not be logged in but actually the details were sent to you unnoticed and the user didn’t get suspicious at all.

No to start the hack, you have to send an email to the victim stating that due to recent security updates he has to authenticate his account by logging in via the link below. The link obviously has to take him to the fake facebook login page that you created.

Now, all you have to do is send the email to the person and wait for him to take action on it.

Thats all for this time. For any doubts or more hacking techniques please leave a comment below.

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